Fred Flener Award: Engaging Students in Math Beyond the Classroom

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Guidelines for Nomination

The nominee should meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a current or retired mathematics educator (teacher or professor) in Illinois.
  2. Foster students' learning of mathematics outside of the classroom in one (or more) of three ways:
    1. Creating or leading an already-existing math league or competition, involving a broad range of schools and students; OR 
    2. Coaching or leading a school or regional math team over a prolonged time; OR
    3. Organizing events that would stimulate interest in or exploration of mathematics by students.
  3. In one or more of the activities listed above, the nominee should have done one or more of the following:
    1. Exposed students to a broad range of topics and interesting problems outside of the standard K-12 curriculum; OR
    2. Sought out students from a variety of backgrounds to include in the pursuit of mathematics; OR
    3. Demonstrated the importance of discover, creativity, and fair play in the doing of mathematics.
  4. The nominee should have provided leadership for and influenced others toward creating and improving opportunities for students to do mathematics outside of the classroom.

 Past Winners 

2009 Cynthia Stecher
2011 Tom Shilgalis
2012 Kathleen Harness
2013 Carol Nenne
2014 Paul J. Karafiol
2015 Leona Mirza
2016 Richard Rukin
2018 Laura Yarber
2019 Steve Shaff
2020 Micah Fogel
2022 LaTina Taylor
2023 Joe Muskin