ICTM Contests

Contest Chairs: John McConnell, Richard Rhoad, Leona Mirza, Carol Nenne, Cindy Stetcher
(Not pictured: Carol Kajor)  

This picture contains five of the original six contest chairs since the ICTM Contest inception in 1980.

The purpose of the ICTM State Math Contest is to recognize outstanding mathematical achievement, encourage independent study, stimulate interest in mathematics, and provide a wholesome meeting ground for students and teachers of mathematics through academic competition.

The competition has two age brackets: one for high school students and one for junior high or middle school students. Please visit the official website http://www.ilmathcontest.com for more information.


For further information about the middle school/junior high contest, contact [email protected].

For further information about the high school contest, contact [email protected].


You can help ensure that these contests are available to future generations of students by donating to the contest fund.

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