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The 70th Annual ICTM Conference was a Success!
The 2021 ICTM conference was held virtually on 10/16.  We enjoyed learning from Fawn Nguyen and from over 30 great break-out sessions.  Here is a digital copy of the conference program.  In that program, there are links to all of the session resources, our virtual exhibitor hall slides, and links to get more connected with ICTM.  Thank you to everyone who gave of their time and expertise to make this a wonderful event!

ICTM Awards Ceremony Recap
We were honored to celebrate this year's Award Winners and College Scholarship Winner on Friday 10/15. Here is the digital program from that event. Check out this short video to meet this year's award winners.  It's not too early to think about nominating a deserving colleague for next year's awards!

Annual Business Meeting is on 10/16 at 1:30pm
All active ICTM members are invited to attend our annual business meeting which will take place via Zoom 1:30PM on the day of the conference (10/16). Email [email protected] for the meeting link if you are interested in attending.  Items discussed include the budget, expenses, and upcoming plans. There are no votes on the agenda for this year's meeting.

ICTM 2022 Math Contests Update
Due to ongoing pandemic challenges, the 2022 ICTM Math Contest will be held remotely. For details please read this e-mail sent by the Contest Chair on 10/8/21. Regionals will be held remotely on February 26 and the State Finals will be conducted remotely on April 30.  For more information on the ICTM math contests, visit our contest website.

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We have put together a list of websites and other resources to assist with this school year. Check it out!


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